We are Lisa Chandler and Peter Rukavina, and this is our This Box is for Good project.

We create artful boxes to share love and creativity with our friends and family. And to practice our linocut and collaboration skills. We create the boxes to be collectively “owned” and shared generously and frequently. 

We want these boxes to be for good

Our idea is simple:

  1. Receive and enjoy all that your box contains. 
  2. Register your box.  Each box has a unique number.
  3. Choose someone you want to delight and fill the box with something special for them. 
  4. Hand deliver, or mail your box.

Boxes from our original edition, only created and gifted in December 2023, have already been registered in British Columbia, North Carolina, Germany and Australia! 

Thank you for helping us make these boxes be for GOOD

With love,
Lisa and Peter

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